FIR lodged against anonymous for alleged attack on Dr. Umar Saif’s office

Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >

Yesterday, TechJuice reported that a sniper attack has been carried out at Arfa Technology Park Lahore and allegedly the target was the head of PITB, Dr. Umar Saif. Till now it has not been confirmed whether it was actually a sniper attack, as claimed by the PITB’s authorities, or just a stray bullet. However, an FIR has been lodged against anonymous entities who carried out the sniper attack on Dr. Umar Saif’s office.

While talking to The Express Tribune Dr. Umar Saif said, “Punjab Forensic Science Agency and other law enforcement agencies are looking into the case and facts of the investigations will be shared soon.”

No one got hurt as the alleged attack was conducted on Sunday when no one was present in the office. Moreover, Dr. Umar Saif himself was not even present in the country when the attack was carried. He was in Dubai signing agreements with the Dubai police for multiple information technology initiatives.

The officials of PITB have been asserting since the attack that the intent of attack was to harm Dr. Saif. It is no coincidence that a bullet hit his office in a 17-story building, leaving hundred of other offices untouched. Dr. Umar Saif has said on many occasions that he has received death threats before. An official even said that this was certainly a threat message to PITB’s head.

Moreover, according to a PITB official, the attack was conducted by those entities whose interests have been hampered by PITB’s different technological initiatives. Similarly, he further explained that PITB is helping the Punjab government automate its land records and police records, which is helping them to do their jobs in a more effective way while thwarting dubious motives of many departments.

PITB sources have said that after the attack Dr. Saif has not asked for additional security and will continue with same security which the government has given him. The news regarding the attack was first reported on Facebook by Burhan Rasool, General Manager of PITB.

Via: DailyTimes, Featured Image Source: Techlist