Pakistani officials targeted by malware apps according to report

Blackberry, the Canadian security company previously famous for its mobile phones, released a report on Wednesday detailing attempts of...

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Oct 24 ·>

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman attacked by a drone

King Salman’s palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday was attacked by a drone which was later shot down....

Apr 23 ·>

Binance announces $250,000 reward for the arrest of hackers

Though the websites of crypto exchanges are designed on a very secure server, however, a single bug can let...

Mar 12 ·>

Over 50,000 Snapchatters are facing “phishing attacks”!

Snapchat is under a Phishing attack from last July, which the company believes is co-related with the Dominica Republic....

Feb 19 ·>
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FIR lodged against anonymous for alleged attack on Dr. Umar Saif’s office

Yesterday, TechJuice reported that a sniper attack has been carried out at Arfa Technology Park Lahore and allegedly the...

Aug 30 ·>

WannaCry hits Honda’s production line

Amidst global ransomware cyber attack, this time WannaCry has hit one of Japan’s leading car manufacturing company in the...

Jun 22 ·>