Fitbit launches new smartwatch

Written by Ali Leghari ·  53 sec read >

Fitbit has launched its new smartwatch named “Ionic Smartwatch”. The main aim of this smartwatch is to rival the Apple Watch, with its embedded with fitness-tracking capabilities and has its own operating system, and also the rising popularity of Xiaomi’s wearable devices. In Q2, Xiaomi becomes the world’s largest wearable band seller, shipping 3.7 million units, while Fitbit beat Apple to clinch the second spot in the wearable band market with shipping almost 3.4 million units.

This newly launched Iconic smartwatch is equipped with different features such as an onboard GPS, GLONASS nav support, and battery life up to four days. Moreover, the watch also features SpO2 (blood-oxygen level sensor), and an app store.

The iconic smartwatch is priced at $299.95 whereas its rival Apple is offering its smartwatch at around $269. It will be interesting to see how consumers across the globe react to the price which Fitbit has set for its smartwatch. Moreover, Iconic smartwatch also offers in-device fitness coaching.

The Iconic smartwatch is also packed with the heart-rate tracking system, water resistance, Fitbit Pay, onboard music, and multiple clock faces. Additionally, the company has also launched Aria 2 smart scale and Flyer wireless headphones.

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Despite the fact that Fitbit was second in the Fitbit market in Q2, it saw a 34 percent year-on-year decline in the wearable market. This latest release might help Fitbit to regain its previous position as the largest wearable band seller in the world.

Via: Fastcompany