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Google offers whopping $190,000 to yet-to-graduate student

Menahil Haider Written by Menahil Haider ·  48 sec read >
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A final year student of Infomation Technology at Delhi Technological University (DTU) has been offered a sum of $190,000 per annum by Google.

Google, one of the favorite places to work at for most people around the world, made an offer of net worth of Rs. 1.27 crore ($ 190,000) per annum to Chetan Kakkar, 22-year-old, currently in final semester of his degree. This genius is an alumnus of Springdales, Pusa Road.

Kakkar has set new records of international placement for DTU as till date, the highest offer that had been made to a studying student was of R.s 93 lakh.

Chetan belongs from a well-educated family and both his parents are professors at Delhi University. He will be joining Google office in California in 2016 after completion of his ongoing course work and projects.

According to a leading newspaper of India, Chetan is highly overwhelmed at receiving the offer as that is one thing that he has really strived for. Being so close to his goal is increasing his excitement to join Google, the Godfather of search engines. Along with the enormous salary, Google is also known for the incredible perks it offers to its employees that include(but not limited to) health insurances, leaves, gorgeous office spaces and even free work hours for the Googlers to work on their own favorite projects.

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