Google partners with automaker FCA to launch Android powered 8.4-inch touchscreen in vehicles

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Google and car giant Fiant Chrysler Automaker (FCA) have collaborated to introduce Android Nougat 7.0 powered 8.4-inch automotive infotainment in the vehicles.

FCA is world’s seventh largest automaker based on annual sales. FCA and Google are using world’s biggest technology trade show, CES 2017 to demonstrate an integration of the Uconnect, 8.4-inch infotainment in vehicles featuring Android. Chris Barman, FCA Head of Electrical Engineering says,

“This collaboration with Google has been an extremely beneficial opportunity for both companies to explore how in-vehicle infotainment and connectivity technology continues to evolve, and what it takes to meet consumers’ increasing desire for innovation of information with minimal distraction. With Android, we are able to maintain our unique and intuitive Uconnect user interface, all while integrating our easy-to-use systems with Android’s features and ecosystem of applications.”

Uconnect is an in-vehicle, hands-free communication system that allows users to talk via Bluetooth while keeping their eyes on the road. The Android-powered Uconnect comes with the integration of Google Assistant, Google Maps and popular Android applications like Pandora, Spotify, NPR One and Pocket Casts. Patrick Brady, Google Director of Android Engineering, said,

“Google is committed to building Android as a turn-key automotive platform that integrates deeply with the vehicle in a safe and seamless way. This collaboration with FCA brings together the industry standard for connected car systems with Android to create powerful infotainment systems designed for the digital age.”

A hands-on concept demo will be given from January 5-8 2017, inside a Chrysler 300 sedan, at CES 2017.

About CES 2017

CES, Consumer Electronics Show, is an world’s biggest consumer electronics and technology trade show where businesses gather from around the world to showcase consumer technologies including smartphones, self-driving and electric cars, voice-controlled assistants, smart home tech like IoT, innovative displays of laptops and TVs, robots and other artificial intelligence and virtual reality products. The annual show is held each January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States. This year will be its 50th anniversary.

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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