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Google’s smart contact lens to define the future of medical!

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh ·  58 sec read >

Never have tactics and technology evolved so radically in the past. In terms of wearable devices, it has surpassed certain thresholds.

Wearable technology is in!

Although, the wearable devices are already making technology much more intimate than once seemed possible, like the Google Glass and Samsung’s Smart Gear watches. Yet, the mighty search engine Google has hopped to a whole next level with another striking breakthrough in this lodge. It’s latest product ‘smart contact lens’ is targeted at ‘healthcare’.

What to expect?

In a bid to attract consumer demand, Google is working on a prototype “smart contact lens” that tracks glucose levels in tears, the company said in official blog

The contacts are embedded with “tiny” wireless chip and “miniaturized” bionic sensors sandwiched between two layers of the lens material.

It’s also testing on integrating tiny LED lights that could light up to indicate whenever there is certain fluctuation in a person’s glucose levels.
Rising hopes’

Targeted to help diabetic people, Google’s latest venture is likely to incite some delightful changes in their lives. Most diabetic people don’t monitor their glucose levels on regular basis as they require. Because of the painful procedure that involves pin-pricking to finger and swabbing the blood on an electronic device to measure. Awful technique!
Although, the technology is in early stage and they are looking for partners and experts to become a part of this exciting development. They are also in collaboration with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to bring the product to mainstream use.

If successful, this wearable device inevitably solves one of the biggest health issues at hand.

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh
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