Gourmet foods diving into unusual by stepping into smartphone!

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December 30, 2013
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Pakistan has the fastest growing mobile phone business since last decade with intense competition by global giants like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG etc. All are fighting to grab the market potential. Local contenders like Qmobile, Voice have also started to come into market yet only QMobile has HIT the victory and now eyeing podium to stand alongside world’s # 1 smartphone manufacturer Samsung.

We are about to see another very unusual move by “Gourmet Foods” to step into android smartphone market. “Gourmet Foods” is currently the only food chain with biggest chain stores of bakery, restaurants, pharmacy, and furniture. The diversification has been immense.

With retail stores in all major cities of Punjab, they have planned to start making android smartphones. It can give Gourmet a new branding with already established retail store chain to attract customers to their “Gourmet Foods”.


This move can make gourmet a Winner in diversification. It is already selling famous Kit-Kats, Jelly Beans, Ice-Cream Sandwiches, Gingerbreads and Cupcakes. We also hope the 3G and advance data services (like 4G LTE) launches can generate a healthy amount of smartphones’ sales. This could be a winning move for local mobile phone makers, generating jobs & tax revenue for Pakistan.

We wish “Gourmet Foods” very best of luck. Keep visiting the space for more surprises.

(Editing by: Ezaaz Waseem)

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