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Government Decides To Provide Duty And Tax Breaks To Boost The Production Of Electric Motorcycles

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

The government of Pakistan has taken the initiative and decided to structure a new policy to enhance the market share of electric vehicles through fiscal incentives. The new policy will provide concessions in the duty and taxes regime.

Reports confirmed that the Ministry of Industries and Production, the Federal Board of Revenue and the Commerce Ministry will conduct a meeting at the Industries Ministry on November 17. Moreover, the conference’s agenda was to discuss the strategy for increasing the market share of e-bikes. The e-bikes will have two or three wheels with all the advanced features.

However, the goal of the strategy is to increase the domestic production of electric motorcycles in the nation. As per the official sources, the main aim is to boost the automobile sector of Pakistan. The step towards electrifying the country’s automobile industry.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s Electric Vehicle Policy 2020-2025, a five-year plan by the government, includes the introduction of electric motorcycles. The formulated electric vehicle policy is based on making the country clean and green.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan always try to develop new agendas and policies to boost its economy and structure. Different sectors and departments are available to look after the various matters to facilitate the citizens.

However, the critical feature of the formulated EV policy is a phased transition of the automobile industry as the policy covers two and three-wheeler and heavy commercial vehicles, providing incentives to manufacturers.


The e-bikes would be energy efficient, rapidly gaining popularity in Pakistan. The e-bikes fully charges by electricity and then it will go for nearly 71 kilometers. To make it fully charged, five hours to get full charged, and its speed is faster than others. The bikes are Eco-friendly and use a battery instead of petrol. Including these bikes produce low sound and are free from nature pollution.

In Pakistan, a person can quickly get Eco-friendly e-bikes at good prices as the government is constantly working to provide quality products and boost the electrifying automobile sector. Alas, the e-bike has no gear and clutch and needs low maintenance; therefore, easy for a person to drive smoothly.

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