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Here are the 17 shortlisted ideas at Startup Weekend Lahore

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Startup Weekend Lahore

If you are planning to grow your network and meet crazy individuals to work on your next startup idea Startup Weekend is the perfect place for that. In Pakistan’s nascent technology and entrepreneurship sector, Startup Weekends are a birthplace for many of the up and coming startups and partnerships alike.

TechJuice has covered Startup Weekends in different cities of the country and over the years, we have seen a great improvement in the ideas pitched. Earlier this year, we reported about Startup Weekend Lahore. Beauty Hooked, Shahi Sawari, and Rate Kar are some of the startups that have emerged from the last installment of this event.

Here are some of the startups ideas that were shortlisted today to work on over the weekend.

  1. Blur Publications: This startup hopes to become a a platform for publishing the literary works of Pakistanis who find it difficult to get their work published.
  2. Business Reviewer: This application will help you check reviews and rating of local and international enterprises. A suitable tool for potential employees and customers.
  3. Design Paradigm: Design Paradigm will help you in creating a coherent aesthetic appeal of your company.
  4. Dope Feed: This will be a youth-centered website which will allow people to share their ideas and promote their events and earn money in the process.
  5. Hand Made Sweater: This start is focusing on making a business out of exporting hand made sweaters.
  6. Intelli Sigx: This startup is hoping to change the awful traffic signals we’re used to. Intelli Sigx is basically a smart traffic signal controller. For instance if their is zero traffic, the signal will remain green. This will prove particularly useful in rush hours.
  7. iPrices: This startup is basically an online portal for all electronic gadgets: how much they cost and where can you buy them
  8. Kisan Rice: This startup hopes to eliminate the role of a middleman and provide rice directly from the farmer to the end consumer, reducing cost in the process.
  9. Pizza Tracker: Who doesn’t love Pizza. This application will help you track your Pizza delivery through constant push notifications and live GPS tracking. Cool eh?!
  10. Prize Bond: Did you ever buy a prize bond and then completely forgot about it? This application is here to rescue you. It will update you about prize bonds from time to time.
  11. Sab Apnay: You hear about a lot of people doing volunteer work these days, but do they actually do it? Sab Apnay aims to become a certifying agency for volunteer work done by students. They will monitor a student’s volunteer work and then provide them with a certificate.
  12. Slick Deals: There are tons of e-commerce websites now and all of them have special deals. This startup will list all those deals on a single place. Which ultimately will save users time and money.
  13. Vintage: This startup aims to restructure scrapped cars to a full fledged functioning vehicle and then sell it to the highest bidder.
  14. Zaivar.com: This is an online platform for buying and selling jewelry. The makers will be able to list their items directly on the website, which will help them earn more profits rather than selling to traditional jewellary shops.
  15. CarButler.pk: This startup is very much like AutoGenie.pk. It will provide car maintenance service at your door step at your desired time.
  16. Life Spot: This application will engage doctors and lab experts to manage a blood repository so that it can be used effectively in emergency situations.
  17. Quoteme.pk: Odesk for companies. A platform where companies will be able to get quotes for various services from users.
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