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Huawei sues Infinix & Tecno’s parent company

Written by AbuBakar ·  1 min read >

Huawei has sued Infinix & Tecno’s parent company Shenzhen Transsion holdings over the IP theft. The company is Hong Kong-based also manufactures iTel mobile phones.

The company made its debut in the STAR Market earlier today, but just before its IPO, Huawei slapped a lawsuit against them in China. The STAR Market is a board for tech stocks by the Shanghai stock exchange. Transsion holdings have a great market in the African region but in china, Huawei is giving a tough time to them.

Huawei alleged them over the copyright and intellectual property infringement. But the case does not seem dreadful since the claim is not large, however it is “a symbolic slap in the face from Huawei during a sensitive time for Transsion”.

For a smartphone company, the Intellectual Property (IP) rights are very important, and the Transsion is lagging behind in the patent and copyrights. Transsion has 630 patents and 286 computer software copyrights to its name in China while its rival Huawei has over 100,000 patents.

Lack of interest in staying legal in the business shows that “Transsion hasn’t faced many intellectual property lawsuits previously. But as it develops its smartphone business and expands into markets with more mature patent systems, the possibility of it facing such lawsuits could rise in the future,” said Bai Bo, president of intellectual property service provider TekGlory.

The lawsuit concerns Transsion and five of its subsidiaries, which the local court has accepted for hearing. News will be coming out soon and most probably court will not take much time to announce the final verdict.

Since there is a large number of competitors in the market, trying to destroy each other, it is time for Transsion to start investing in R&D and patent development.

Founder and Chairman of Shenzhen Transsion holdings, Zhu Zhaojiang, said, “I believe that the law would give a fair answer”. Transsion has shared the stats which shows that the lawsuit has not affected the company’s IPO. However, Huawei has declined to comment on the matter.