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Humans of New York is coming to Pakistan in August

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Humans of New York (HONY) is one of the most widely popular community on Social Media. Brandon Stanton, Founder of HONY, is a 30-year-old self-taught photographer, who has been wandering in the streets of New York, taking photos, with tidbits of stories – sometimes behind the pictures and sometimes about the life of individual in focus.

The best thing about this community is positiveness – internet world is full of trolls, hate speech, and bullying. But, HONY has broken all the shackles. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that HONY brand has managed to create the most patient and less judgmental community on the internet landscape.

Many high profile personalities and brands follow HONY’s stories and numerous times people featured at HONY have; managed to raise investments, get the attention of the right people, and improved their lives. Earlier this year, one of the photographs and its story went viral leading to $1 million donations for the Monty Hall Bridges Academy. There are so many similar stories like this spreading on the HONY Facebook page.

Brandon’s initiative also led to the creation of similar pages across Pakistan and around the world. In Pakistan, most of these pages are either related to Pakistani cities or universities but the most prominent page is Humans of Pakistan which is being followed by more than two hundred thousand Pakistanis.

A few minutes ago, HONY page has officially shared an update which states that Brandon Stanton will be visiting Pakistan this year in August. This is a great news for Pakistan, for a lot of fellow countrymen believe that Pakistan has always been under/misrepresented on international media.

HONY in Pakistan.

The beautiful stories of HONY have restored our faith in humanity and strengthened our belief that each and every individual, no matter who he/she is, has a story to tell – a story which is beautiful, painful, exciting and sometimes heart-breaking too. If we look at the picture shared by HONY closely, we can guess that he will be visiting the Northern Areas of Pakistan. We hope HONY gets to meet a diverse set of people and gets to share the story across the world and enjoys the trip.

This is not the first time that Brandon has traveled to a foreign country. At the same time last year, he went on an International tour in collaboration with United Nations and wrote detailed stories of his visit on HONY’s website.

Which city HONY should visit first? Let us know in the comments below and we might just be able to get the message to him.

Image Credits: Humans of New York 

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