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The Institute of Business Administration is a huge name in the education world of Pakistan. It was established in 1955, making it one of the oldest business schools worldwide. Keeping up with the legacy attached with the institute, IBA’s Computer Science Society organizes an annual event, ProBattle.

ProBattle started in 2013. It was a relatively new concept back then, combining technology with innovation at a student level. ProBattle’s team has been engaged in attempts to exploit the competitive spirit in students ever since its inception. The first edition amassed roughly 175 participants, a significant figure for a newborn event.

Fast forward 5 years and ProBattle is about to enter its 6th edition. ProBattle ’18 will happen from 30th March to 1st April and it seems really promising, offering a Rs. 600,000 prize pool to the winners and the runners ups. This year’s edition will have 18 individual competitions, some of which are as follows:

1. Business Idea

ProBattle is giving an opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs to present their business ideas in front of a panel of industry veterans and leading academicians. This will give participants a chance to learn from corporate professionals, something which can be of great help in the long run. Besides, who knows, they might even be the brains behind the next big startup!

2. Speed Programming

As the name suggests, swiftness is everything here. Participants will form teams consisting of up to 3 members and partake in an attempt to correct a series of programming problems. The team that submits the correct solutions in the shortest amount of time, wins!

3. Robowars

If it wasn’t obvious by the name, this competition revolves around one thing: Fighting! Robots (designed by the teams) will be put to the test against one another, wherein the robot that successfully knocks its counterpart down or out of the main platform will win!

4. Data Analytics

Teams will be given sets of data in this competition and will be asked to evaluate the data and come up with viable solutions. The possible outcomes will not be directly linked with the data itself, making it an open-end competition. The judging criteria revolve around the procedure of coming up to the outcome along with relevant explanations given in response to the judges’ questions.

5. Logo and Poster

Participants will be required to bring their creativeness to the table here in an attempt to design logos and other marketing materials for existing companies. They will be given a set of instructions such as the color scheme required and theme etc. The contestant that follows the instructions to the fullest paired with their design’s quality will be crowned the winners!

6. Mobile App Development

What’s life without a smartphone these days? Over a quarter of the global population has mobile phones, urging the need for constant development of apps. So, to keep up, ProBattle will provide a platform to participants to design and present prototypes of their apps to a panel of experienced developers. Factors such as user friendliness and design quality will be vital in determining the victor.

7. Game Development

Ahh, we all love playing games, don’t we? Well, can you develop one as well? Participants will be divided into teams of 5-10 and will be tasked with the creation of a video game. Teams will be provided with workspaces and the required parameters. The team that comes up with the best game and design will win!

Well, isn’t this sufficient in itself to convince you to attend ProBattle? Just to recap, the event is happening from 30th March till 1st April and you can register by visiting their website.

TechJuice is proud to announce that it is the Official Media Partner of ProBattle ’18.

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