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Instagram May Give its Users More Control Over Suggested Posts

Written by Techjuice Team ·  1 min read >

Ever had a moment where you wanted to avoid a repetitive and annoying Instagram suggested post so bad, but you couldn’t? Well, we understand the pain, but the good news is that soon we can possibly see a feature that helps us control the suggested post.

Instagram just recently started testing the suggested control feature, where it allows its users to have control over what they want their suggestion to look like. Now this includes two new features, the first of which focuses on a “Not Interested” option, where users will be able to mark an explore suggestion as ‘not interested’, and Instagram will automatically try not to show any related suggestion in the future.

While the first feature is quite simple, the second one allows users to filter out any suggestions they do not want by listing down certain words, phrases or emojis that they do not want to see.  Once this is done, Instagram will automatically avoid showing any post that has your selected words and emojis in their caption.

With increasing complaints about Instagram suggestions being unrelated or annoying, these features were the need of the hour and can provide excellent user experience by allowing users to simply avoid any content that they don’t want to see.

Users first expressed their frustration over the Instagram suggested section, when the photo sharing application started to increase the number of suggestions on the platform. People poured in with complaints saying that what once used to be an application where you would see friends and family has become overcrowded with suggestions.

Soon after the criticism, Instagram limited suggestions and is now testing these new features, which will allow users to control their suggested posts.

Speaking about these new features, Meta said that “It’s important to us that people feel good about the time they spend on Instagram, so we’ll continue to work on ways to give people more control over what they see.”

This decision to limit the number of suggested posts was a temporary one, CEO Adam Mosseri said in a statement that the suggestion would stay, the application would just have to find newer ways to make them better for its users. These new features are probably one of the ways Instagram could make suggestions better and more bearable.