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Instant Messaging on Daraz helping customers make better purchase decision

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  1 min read >
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Daraz has introduced Instant Messaging, a new feature that will allow buyers to interact with marketplace sellers and high-profile brands on the platform, enabling them to make better product decisions. With an extensive catalog of 5 million products, Daraz customers have numerous options to choose from when making a purchase in any category. By interacting directly with sellers on the app, customers will be able to get the advice they need regarding products to streamline their options.

Daraz’s new feature is a solution to bringing greater empowerment and ease to the customer as it ensures their purchasing decisions are well-informed. Customers can remain in touch with the seller once the order is confirmed and even after delivery.

1. Immediate responses to all your queries

We all have certain queries about a product we may be inclined towards purchasing. Previously, Daraz customers were able to get in touch with sellers via email or contact Daraz support. With Instant Messaging, you can get a near WhatsApp-like experience as you will be connected with the seller in real-time and can ask anything related to the products being sold. The queries can pertain to anything like the product features or warranty claims. Buyers can also ask questions regarding the delivery status of the product they have ordered.

2. Renowned Brands offering real-time support

The new feature allows customers to interact with big brands selling on the app – such as L’Oreal, Hisense and Unilever – as well as with 17,000 marketplace sellers. Through such interaction, customers can make better purchasing decisions as they are able to approach different kinds of brands in a category.

The concept is simple. Just as one would talk to a salesperson at a brick-and-mortar store, a customer can talk to the sellers on the app. The experience becomes much more personal and much more convenient. Daraz has also subtracted the hassle of customers having to visit the physical stores of different brands to get the advice they need to make a decision about which brand or product works best for them.

3. Get common issues resolved without sending the product back

Many times, we as customers may need help with our products once we have received them. When manuals that accompany electronic devices fail us, we often feel the need to return a product. However, with Daraz’s new Instant Messaging feature customers can get in touch with brands and ask questions pertaining to the product they have received. Not only will this help in strengthening the customer-retailer relationship but also improve the brand image of the seller in the eyes of the customer.

With features such as Instant Messaging, Daraz is revolutionizing the way we shop and providing customers a hassle-free experience. The platform has taken measures to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the purchases they make on the app.

The story has been produced in collaboration with Daraz.

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