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Intellistats, An Android App To Monitor Your Phone Usage

Written by Aadil Aijaz ·  1 min read >

Just recently, I came to know that almost 70% of my calls were outgoing, all thanks to Intellistats, an Android application developed by Arbisoft, a Lahore-based software house.

Intellistats is an app that collects information about your phone usage on voice, SMS messages and data. Then it organizes the collected information and statistics in different categories, ready for analysis in the form of graphs. In its main screen, it gives a quick overview of your phone usage.


You can set different kinds of time filters – for example, monthly or weekly filters – in order to analyze the stats according to your specific needs, or you can find out about your all time phone usage statistics in just a glance. However, the main screen of the app only tells you a small version of the story. Select any category and you’ll be presented with detailed stats and finely designed graphs with a very simplistic approach.

The voice and SMS usage categories have the same layout. You have the liberty to see the stats of incoming and outgoing calls and messages separately or in combined form. An hourly graph illustrates the hours at which you most actively have voice or text conversations. This is the best feature of this application because it helps you select the right voice/SMS plans, which can in turn help you in cost-cutting and realizing what’s taking all your credit away. You can also find out which mobile networks you are most frequently communicating with. Making calls on networks other than yours is usually more costly, so you can find out if you are making too many off-net calls. Finally, you can also see the people you communicate with the most (in case you’re getting too attached with someone).


The data usage screen is primarily helpful for identifying the applications that consume most of the data. This way, you can decrease your usage of those applications that consume a lot of data and delete the ones you don’t even use anymore because some applications keep getting synced in background.

All in all, Intellistats is the app for you if you want to control your spending on your phone usage, or just keep track of your budget. We find the application very insightful and its graphical illustrations very helpful in comprehending the usage statistics. The only drawback is that when you specify your own billing period, you can’t set it to any of the previous months. Overall, the app is beautifully designed and well thought-out. Our rating would be 4 out of 5.

We at The AppJuice hope that its future updates will bring more insights of phone usage to the application. Let us know your opinion of the app in the comments below!



Written by Aadil Aijaz
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