iPhone 7 is reportedly outselling iPhone 8

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October 17, 2017
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The Older version of iPhone, iPhone 7 is reportedly selling more than the recently launched iPhone 8, claimed KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst John Vinh.

Although Apple has not released sales numbers for iPhone 8 which was launched at the end of September, yet it seems like the new flagship didn’t get a good response from consumers. iPhone 8 was readily made available for the consumers on its launch date but it still has not shown any extraordinary sales compared to the previous models.

According to the survey conducted by John Vinh, the iPhone 7 is almost $150 cheaper than iPhone 8 and a minor difference in specs, so most of the people prefer to buy iPhone 7 rather than spending more budget on iPhone 8. Check the latest iPhone 7 price in Pakistan.

There are several other factors which are holding people to buy iPhone 8. One of them is the anticipation of iPhone X which has more advanced features than iPhone 8 and is expected to launch November 3.

Analysts also claim that sales deal for iPhone 8 are much more modest than they were for the iPhone 7 last year. US carrier AT&T also identifies that phone upgrades dropped by nearly 900,000 this quarter compared to last year.

As many people have chosen to wait for iPhone X, there are reports that problems in production may cause people, who are anxiously waiting for iPhone X, to wait longer.

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