iPhone X is selling for a whopping $6000 on eBay

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Apple iPhone X

iPhone X is just a few days away from its launch but we all know that the stock is limited and only a few users will be able to get their hands on iPhone X in the beginning. The pre-orders of the phone were started a few days ago and it literally went out of stock in just under an hour and will remain out of stock until December.

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Some sellers at eBay are taking it as an opportunity to make money and selling the device for $6,000. It is to keep in mind that the original price of the phone is $999 so the sellers are selling it for 6 times the original price. There are some online retailers who offered the phone for $100 more to secure to pre-order and that makes sense, some eBay sellers are also selling it for a few hundred bucks more but some sellers are thinking that people will pay $6,000 for a $999 iPhone (they might be right though). Here is a screenshot from eBay if you still can’t believe it.

iPhone X-eBay

iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever announced by Apple. The phone comes with an edge to edge display which will cost you $279 to repair in case you break it. Apple has started shipping the pre-ordered iPhone units and people will start getting them soon. However, the actual release date for the iPhone X is November 3rd.

So even if your order is shipped, you will not get it before November 3rd as Apple always asks its delivery partners to hold the shipment until actual launch date. And if you get your phone even by November 3rd, you’ll be one of the luckiest people as most of the people are going to get it after a week or two.

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