Karachi will become the world’s 4th largest city by 2035, says US intelligence forecast

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Karachi is set to become the world’s 4th largest city, with a population reaching 23.1 million in 2035, according to a United States intelligence report, which is issued every four years. Karachi’s current population is estimated at 14.91 million as per UNDP’s 2018 figures, and it occupies 12th place in the ranking of the world’s most populous cities.

The other cities that will comprise the “Biggest 5” by 2040 include New Delhi, Dhaka, Mumbai, and Calcutta.

The assessment was a part of this year’s Global Trends report by the US National Intelligence Council (NIC), designed to help policymakers and citizens anticipate the economic, environmental, technological, and demographic forces that are likely to shape the world through the next 20 years.

“Our intent is to help policymakers and citizens… prepare for an array of possible futures,” the authors commented, noting they included input from diverse groups while formulating the report.

The report also said that Pakistan is set to become the world’s 23rd biggest economy by 2040 based on its predicted gross domestic product (GDP) rank, which currently sits at 39th position.

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