Prime Minister inaugurates the electric circular train in Karachi

In recent news, Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Karachi to oversee the groundwork for the Karachi Circular Railway. The...

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Sep 28 ·>

Govt to establish Rs31 billion IT park in Karachi airport

The government has decided to set up an information technology (IT) park at the Jinnah International Airport in the...

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Jun 9 ·>

FBR launches automated system for scanning cargo at Karachi’s ports

The Pakistan Customs Wing of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced a new automated process in its...

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Apr 24 ·>

Karachi will become the world’s 4th largest city by 2035, says US intelligence forecast

Karachi is set to become the world’s 4th largest city, with a population reaching 23.1 million in 2035, according...

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Apr 10 ·>

Pakistan Oxygen to build multi-million electrode plant in Karachi

Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL), one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial and medical gases, has announced its plans...

Mar 1 ·>

A state of the art Technology Park to be introduced in Karachi soon

TPL Properties Limited has recently unveiled its plan to introduce a Technology Park in the Sindh area of Pakistan....

Feb 24 ·>

Street criminals in Karachi profiting from snatched mobile phones

According to the Special Investigation Unit of the Karachi Police, there is a secret market within Karachi streets where...

Feb 9 ·>

Pakistan to receive $300 million from the World Bank for the health sector and natural disaster planning

In a meeting on Tuesday, the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved a $300 million-dollar financial scheme for...

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Dec 9 ·>

Karachi Circular Railway to finally resume operations after two decades

Having last been fully functional back in 1999, the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) will finally resume its operations starting...

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Nov 11 ·>

FIA catches Karachi gang involved in online car fraud red-handed

This past Sunday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) confronted a member of a notorious group that had reportedly been...

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Nov 3 ·>

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ have been launched in Pakistan

With a commitment to further expanding themselves and solidifying their presence in the Southeast Asian region, Samsung is unveiling...

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Aug 30 ·>

Karachi students build a device that moves cars through eye movement

A team of five students from Bahria University Karachi has developed a device that can move cars through a...

Jul 10 ·>