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Karachi Will Soon Experience Electric Taxi Service To Compete With Expensive Ride Hailing Service

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Sindh government of Pakistan has taken an initiative and will soon start an electric taxt service for its citizens. The new innovative technology will provide modern, affordable and environmentally-friendly  transportation option. The taxis will work on electricity, and will be environment friendly

Sharjeel Inam Memon, Information and Transportation Minister confirmed the news after examining the construction and infrastructure of the roads.

Moreover, according to the Information and Transport Minister, ride -hailing services have significantly increased. Therefore, the launch of a new automotive technology has become quite challenging.

Besides, Sharjeel Memon also claimed that Sindh government is working very hard to introduce a new innovative technology in Karachi. At the current situation the public is in need of new technological economic friendly transportation services.

Moreover, he also stated that Pakistan People’s Party(PPP)  leadership has inquired about the project from Sindh government. Additionally, they really want to rapidly complete transport related projects in the city to completely facilitate the citizens of Karachi.

Electric Taxi Service

Besides, Sindh government always try to introduce new technology in each and every field and department. No matter, who is in charge and ruling the city, but whoever comes always think for the betterment.

Karachi transportation department launched a test drive of it’s upcoming new project. Earlier this month, the transportation sector did a test drive of it’s all new battery-powered passenger vehicles.

Talking to media after reviewing the test run, Sharjeel Memon said that the new electric taxis will hit the road for commuters soon after the trial run. The taxis will run on the routes with less traffic as they were 12 meters long.

The taxis will work on electric basis and the company will set the points where these will get charged. The electric taxis are capable to cover a distance of 240 kilometers on a charge of 20 minutes.

Moreover, the department is concerned about the transportation services and security of its passengers therefore, the department conducted the trial runs between the Sea view and Sindh Archives Complex. High officials including Sharjeel Memon took part in the test runs and inspected the newly imported electric vehicles.

According to Sharjeel Memon, the public transportation sector of Sindh faces significant challenges. Though, it was not easy to bring something innovative in Karachi due to political and economic situations. But the government always strives to facilitate the citizens of Karachi. However, the government is working to address these by providing residents with comfortable and modern commuting options.

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