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#KaymuKaravan takes Bloggers to the streets of Lahore

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 1 min read>
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On Saturday, 13th of June, Kaymu hosted an exclusive event and invited Lahore bloggers to be part of a street-level activity – “Kaymu Karavan”. The event took place in Karachi recently and was well received by many. Therefore, Kaymu wanted to carry out the same activity in the city of shopping enthusiasts – Lahore. To further the event, Kaymu made use of many vibrant, colorful trucks with the promise of prizes for the people who visited them.

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Kaymu Karavan is a promotional event where the company has a branded truck to help promote the name of Kaymu at a street level like in Karachi they went through various commercial areas, malls, etc, to carry the promotion. Today, bloggers of Lahore had the opportunity to walk with the Karavan hosts around Main Market in Lahore, which is a prominent hot spot for shoppers.

The Kaymu Karavan gave an exciting opportunity to people to participate in competitions which could get them prizes and discount vouchers that can be redeemed on the site later. The Karavan saw people of all ages and walks of life come together on a single platform. This is probably a first for any e-commerce website in Pakistan which truly made a lasting impression to the audience at large.

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Through this event, Kaymu was able to reach out to people on the streets of Lahore to promote and tell them about Kaymu. People who came to look at the Karavan were answered their questions on the spot and see Kaymu first hand with the help of tablets in the truck. The reception from the public was positive and Kaymu managed to reach a good audience to spread the name of Kaymu through word of mouth.

The purpose of the event was not only targeted on a consumer level, but also to reach out to the bloggers who write about Kaymu for their publications. Bloggers were asked about their feedback on Kaymu and its advertisement efforts thus far. Many great suggestions were passed around the table and Kaymu listened with great interest to what had to be said. Based on the friendly reception of the feedback, we hope that Kaymu takes these suggestions and recommendations to further their future in Pakistan.

Overall, the event was definitely something to remember and was a delight to attend. The promotional event was a first for myself and many bloggers, it would be great for other companies to partake in such activities and increase the potential buyer base of e-commerce shoppers in Pakistan.