Key Warid employees to have their future decided within next 90 days

By Muneeb Ahmad on
July 11, 2016
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As a major move towards the completion of the Mobilink-Warid merger, Eight Department heads of Warid are assigned to work as Mobilink employees for the next three months. This time-period is going to be crucial as these key employees will have their future decided.

As per an official letter issued by the Mobilink, Department heads of Warid are asked to report to their Mobilink counterparts. For the next 90 days, these department heads would work as advisors to the corresponding Mobilink departments’ heads and would be answerable to them.

The CEO Warid, Muneer Farooqui will now report to Aamir Ibrahim, the CEO of Mobilink as an advisor.

During this 90-day period, the future of these department heads would be decided. The Warid’s department heads may see a chance to retain their position or they may be allowed to let-go.

The said merger was announced completed recently. This move seems to be one of the major moves which could be decisive for the future of Warid. As after the merger, Mobilink and Warid are supposed to share same management boards and administrations, many employees of these telecom companies could be asked to leave. We might have to wait for six months before we see Mobilink-Warid as one entity.

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