Newly released Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 shows that flip phones aren’t going…

Samsung just released the second model of its smart flip phone series, Samsung Galaxy Folder, in Korea. Called Samsung Galaxy read more

Publish date:June 23, 2017

A thousand Uber employees still want their scandalous CEO back

Over a thousand Uber employees have reportedly signed a petition asking their CEO Travis Kalanick to retake the position after read more

Publish date:June 23, 2017
Samsung HQ

Samsung begins mass production of a dedicated processor for Internet of Things

Samsung announced that is has started mass production of a processor that it designed especially for Internet of Things (IoT). read more

Publish date:June 22, 2017

LG Display shows off the World’s largest flexible and transparent UHD display

LG Display claimed to have developed the world’s largest flexible and transparent display. The Ultra High Definition display was made read more

Publish date:June 22, 2017

Future of Laptops: Lenovo unveils a rollable laptop with flexible screen

Showcasing some cool future technologies at the Tech World Transform event, Lenovo showed off a laptop which you can roll read more

Publish date:June 21, 2017

Unicode 10 is officially released with 56 new emoji including hijabi emoji

Unicode has officially announced Unicode standard 10 today, adding about 8 thousand new characters to a total character bank of read more

Publish date:June 21, 2017

OnePlus 5 becomes the company’s fastest selling product ever

OnePlus, the company known for making low-priced flagship killer smartphones, has announced that its latest smartphone OnePlus 5 has become read more

Publish date:June 21, 2017

WhatsApp once again extends support for BlackBerry

WhatsApp, one of the world’s most widely used software for cross-platform communication, has once again extended its support for the read more

Publish date:June 20, 2017

Drone Racing Championships are here

A couple of years back from now, it was difficult to guess if drone racing would become a game as read more

Publish date:June 20, 2017

Museum of Failures: Sweden has a museum dedicated solely to the failed…

Mostly we hear about museums being used to house remarkable pieces of marvel from the past. This isn’t quite the read more

Publish date:June 19, 2017

Gender Equality: Government allocates 50 percent share of PM Youth Loans for…

In a bid to address the gender equality issue in Pakistan, an exact 50 percent share of the PM Youth read more

Publish date:June 19, 2017

This celebrity is the first to reach 100 million Twitter followers

Famous pop rock celebrity, Katy Perry, has become the first ever Twitter user to have reached a hundred million followers read more

Publish date:June 19, 2017

Maker Fest Pakistan starts one last hunt for exceptional makers ahead of…

Maker Fest Pakistan, the Pakistan’s version of the highly acclaimed global event “Maker Faire” is bound to happen shortly. While read more

Publish date:June 17, 2017

Here is how to live stream Apple WWDC 2017 that starts today

The second most anticipated event by Apple after the iPhone launch is going live today. Commonly known as the Worldwide read more

Publish date:June 5, 2017

A year has passed and Pokemon Go already lost 90% of its…

Pokemon Go, one of the most widespread sensation from last year, has already lost as much as 90% of its read more

Publish date:June 2, 2017

AMD’s ThreadRipper to rival Intel’s Core i9 with its 16 cores, 32…

Planning to take on Intel’s newly released Core i9 chips, AMD has officially announced its high-end desktop chipset X399 running read more

Publish date:June 1, 2017

Intel unveils a new line of Core X processors including Core i9…

Intel has unveiled new variety of Intel Core X processors including more powerful Core i5 and i7 CPUs along with read more

Publish date:May 31, 2017
Jazz Internet Device Packages

Jazz 3G Internet Device Packages: Dongles, Wingles & MiFi

Today, we will be telling you about different Jazz Internet Device Packages that you can subscribe to using the Jazz read more

Publish date:May 29, 2017
Hiring the right talent

These are the 20 job openings at technology organizations in Pakistan

We, at TechJuice, have taken it upon ourself to curate vacant job postings in different tech organizations in Pakistan and read more

Publish date:May 25, 2017

Application Review: Entry Test Application STEP by Punjab Group of Colleges

A few years back, when I, myself, was going through all the hassle of university admission test preparations, a significant read more

Publish date:May 25, 2017

This newly released Matebook is Huawei’s version of MacBook

Quite similar in name to the Apple’s famous laptop series MacBook, Huawei has introduced first of its laptops called Matebooks. read more

Publish date:May 24, 2017

The new Microsoft Surface Pro comes with 13.5 hours of battery

Simply called Surface Pro, Microsoft has launched a new Surface Pro tablet as part of a long-awaited upgrade over its read more

Publish date:May 23, 2017

Surface Pro Killers: HP releases top of the line Spectre x2 laptops…

Taking a fair advantage of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, HP has unveiled three top of the line creativity-focused laptops read more

Publish date:May 22, 2017

The hackers behind the global ransom-ware attack threaten to release more Malware

Shadow Brokers, the group that previously leaked the tools responsible for the global ransomware attack that followed, has threatened that read more

Publish date:May 17, 2017

HTC unveils a flagship that you can squeeze

HTC, the tech giant based out of Taiwan, has unveiled the World’s first ‘squeezable’ smartphone named HTC U11 on the read more

Publish date:May 16, 2017