LG G8 would use its entire OLED screen as a speaker

Muneeb Ahmad • February 15, 2019

iPhone users in the US spent an average of $79 on apps last year

Muneeb Ahmad • February 13, 2019

Pakistan Citizen Portal wins the second best app spot at the World Government Summit in Dubai

Muneeb Ahmad • February 13, 2019
Valtentines Day

5 applications for couples, you can try this valentine’s day

Muneeb Ahmad • February 13, 2019

Is there a chance for Ufone?

Muneeb Ahmad • February 13, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 shown-off in a bundle of fresh photos

Muneeb Ahmad • February 9, 2019
Tim cook Apple

Apple once again becomes the most valuable public company

Muneeb Ahmad • February 8, 2019

LG might unveil 5G-enabled V50 along with G8 next month

Muneeb Ahmad • February 1, 2019

Bluetooth 5.1 would be able to locate you with centimeters of accuracy

Muneeb Ahmad • January 29, 2019

Unity Technologies develops a game specifically for testing Artificial Intelligence

Muneeb Ahmad • January 29, 2019

Higher-end Samsung Galaxy S10+ could cost more than $1,800

Muneeb Ahmad • January 24, 2019
Mobile Money Users

Government reduces taxes on budget phones, taxes on higher-end smartphones remain unchanged

Muneeb Ahmad • January 23, 2019

Elon Musk thinks he can build a cheaper Particle Collider for CERN

Muneeb Ahmad • January 23, 2019