These Lenovo Phones will get Android Oreo Update after 9 months

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Android Oreo was released a couple of months back, it is already available on Google Pixel and Nexus devices. All other manufacturers are trying their best to update their devices to the latest version of Android and they are publishing the schedules when their devices will get the Oreo.

Yes, we know that Lenovo is not good with delivering updates to their phones and it has proved it once again. The company has promised the Oreo update for three of their phones but after nine months from now. The phones under discussion are the mid-range Lenovo K8, Lenovo K8 Plus, and Lenovo K8 Note.

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Lenovo launched these smartphones just a month ago, after the announcement of Android 8.0 Oreo. The company should have upgraded the phones to the latest version of Android as soon as possible but it promised to deliver the update after 9 months. The K8 will get the update in June 2018 and the K8 Note and K8 Plus will get the update in July 2018. Yes, Google will release Android P just 2 months after that.

It is very strange that Lenovo is taking this much time to develop an update for these devices as all of these devices run on Stock Android.

In the past, Lenovo also denied Android Nougat update for some of its devices. Now we hope that it will actually deliver the Oreo update for these 3 phones (If it does not forget its promise in 9 months).

Lenovo K8 series was announced a couple of months back. All of these phones come with decent specifications including 3 to 4 GB RAM, dual 13 MP cameras, and 1080p screen resolution.

Are you a Lenovo K8 owner? what are your views on this?

Written by Uzair Khalid
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