Local startup Mauqa Online aims to empower those at the bottom of the social ladder

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As Muhammad Mustafa, co-founder of Mauqa Online, explains in this video, a lot of applications and digital tools all around the world are typically made for educated people. That is to say, the underlying assumption within their design is that the users are tech-savvy and well-versed in modern applications. However, if society must advance, it is imperative that even those who are socially disadvantaged and uneducated be able to utilize technology to improve their quality of life as well.

“We wanted to bring the online world to uneducated people,” explains Mustafa. “And that was the inspiration behind Mauqa Online.”

Based in National Incubation Center (NIC), Mauqa Online is a platform that connects household helpers with a host of clients looking to avail their services. With a roster of professional and reliable maids, cleaners, cooks, babysitters, and providers of various cleaning services for your household and office chores, the startup aims to not only give homeowners a wide range of options for their household chores, but also to financially empower the typically disadvantaged helpers by giving them a platform where they can expect to find regular paid work.

Mustafa explains how this platform has not only allowed these people to improve their income and hence their financial health, but also to improve their homes, living conditions, and in some cases, avail rehabilitation for drug addicts in their family.

About their experience in NIC, Mustafa believes that if he could describe it in a single word, it would be “inspiring”.

“Inspiring, because when we came here, we were really nothing,” he admits. “We didn’t even have a fully formulated idea!”

However, the startup culture fostered at NIC proved to be the perfect environment for Mauqa online to grow and scale up the way it has over the past three years.

You can check out the Mauqa Online app here.


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