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LUMS partners with Northumbria University & top UK scientists to develop sustainable solutions

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The Northumbria University and LUMS, in partnership with UP-SIGN, are working with Pakistan and the UK’s top scientists to bring the country’s textile sector into a circular economy business model with zero waste.

As part of the collaboration, a taxonomy workshop funded by the British Council was conducted to bring textile stakeholders, including academia, industry, and policymakers, to develop ideas around Pakistan’s circular economy. The need for a combined approach to address climate change affecting textile and associated communities was emphasized during the workshop.

Mr. Shafiq Ahmed, Head of Trade and Investment at Pakistan High Commission London, said, “We need innovative and sustainable solutions to protect supply chain of cotton through conserving soil and water, and promoting varieties that need less water, and are pest and disease resistant.”

Dr. Naveed Arshad, Associate Professor and Chair of the Computer Science Department, LUMS, taxonomy lead from Pakistan, and Director, Centre for Big Data and Cloud Computing, emphasized the need to produce high-value goods with lesser carbon footprints.

Dr. John Arthur is facilitating the workshop with the participation of 40 researchers from the UK and Pakistan.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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