Meetups: TechJuice Circle (of Startups & Entrepreneurs) – Lahore

TechJuice Circle

TechJuice Circle Meetup 35 startups 10 mentors and pure networking for 2 hours from TechJuice on Vimeo.

We, at TechJuice, are a strong believer of what Keith Ferazzi aptly said;

“By giving your time and expertise and sharing them freely, the pie gets bigger for everyone.”

It’s been a while that we are covering the local tech community and keeping an eye on everything. We soon realized that there is a need of a platform where entrepreneurs from all walks of life can interact, hence we have taken the initiative to introduce meetups (we are calling them circles) where entrepreneurs can bring together their ideas and experience for constructive tech-sharing. In a nutshell, these meetups will be an opportunity for connecting and sharing to help launch and grow startups together.

TechJuice is excited to announce its first networking event in Lahore (with the sponsorship and support of Plan9, Pakistan’s biggest Tech Incubator) where like minded entrepreneurs will be able to engage and interact. The purpose will be to minimize complexity and let it be a small concentrated circle where one can connect to support the entrepreneurial community. This will assist sustainability and help in reaching business goals with a positive social growth. Our networking events will be fun and relaxed.

So, we are thrilled to welcome you, become a part of our first Circle of Entrepreneurs. Come and make new friends; who strive to change the world with entrepreneurship.

Register now, if you want to accomplish what you have set as your goal for 2015!

UPDATE: Thank you so much everyone for making our TechJuice Circle meetup at Lahore a success. 

You can read more about the event here: TechJuice Circle Meetup: 35 startups, 10 mentors and pure networking for 2 hours

TechJuice Circle Infographic