Microsoft releases new Windows 10 Preview with an eBook store and other improvements

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Microsoft has unveiled a number of exciting features as a part of new Windows Insider program for PCs and mobiles such as ebook store, Cortana features, free-up space setting, merged WiFi, new power slider and other improvements.

1. Read eBooks

Microsoft has revealed an ebook store in latest Windows 10 Insider update. Users will be able to find and purchase the ebooks in the library which is a new hub entry in Microsoft Edge right next to favorites, history, downloads and reading list. This is a first step towards empowering people like entrepreneurs, students, creators, educators and others to learn and achieve more.

  • Interactive experience: Users can use a table of contents, search specific words or phrases, watch embedded videos and ask Cortana to define something. Also, bookmark feature is given to save a page and even read when offline.
  • EPUB support: In addition to PDF files and books purchased via the Store, you can read any unprotected ebook in the EPUB file format with Microsoft Edge.
  • Learning tools: Users can widen text spacing to improve reading fluency and benefit from typography.
  • Customization: Microsoft Edge is built for reading digital content on Windows 10 devices. Users can customize font and text size, themes, navigation control and more.

2. Cortana Features

Cortana is a personal assistant for Windows 10. Other Windows Insider features include lighter shade for Cortana box, bigger text in notifications and custom colors.

3. Automatically free up space (PC):

Windows 10 has added an option to free up space in Storage Settings by removing unused temporary files and items that have been in recycle bin for more than 30 days. The option is off by default, but you can turn it on under System > Storage Settings and choose what it cleans up.

4. Merged Wi-Fi settings:

Wi-Fi Sense and Paid Wi-Fi Services have been merged into a single section entitled simply “Wi-Fi services” under Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. While you may not see “Wi-Fi Sense” mentioned – the feature is still there. “Connect to suggested open hotspots” is one of the settings under “Wi-Fi services”.

5. New power slider:

Microsoft is conducting experiments on features which help improve battery life for Windows devices. Some of the users will start seeing a new slider in the power fly out on the Taskbar. This feature will be available to selected devices in the start.

Microsoft has recently acquired LinkedIn and it plans to incorporate a number of new features to Windows 10 (PC and Mobile).

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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