Microsoft Tool Predicts Your Age & Gender From Your Photograph

By TechJuice on
May 1, 2015
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Something new has taken over the social media; if you are using twitter or checking your Facebook timeline, you might have come across pictures like above. It’s a new age guessing tool engineered by Microsoft through which you can get your age & gender guessed through just a click of a button.

The funny thing about this tool is that the results are not really accurate, it can guess 10-year-old boys to be 50-year-old and 20-year-old girls to be 35-year-old. No matter what, people are trying all sorts of pictures to have fun and share with their friends & family.

Over 35,000 users have guessed their age, as we write, within a few hours and about 29,000 of these users were from Turkey. The Microsoft tool takes your photograph, apply machine learning APIs in real time and display a real-time dashboard with your age and gender displayed on the photograph. The Microsoft developers set-up the whole website along the intelligence in just a couple of hours.

We quickly used some of our guest pictures from The TechJuice Show to check if the tool is accurate. Ladies & gentlemen, it’s not! See for yourself.

Want to have some fun of your own? Go and check out this tool here.




INCORRECT: Nauman is 32 years old. We hope, he will be a happy guy after this.


INCORRECT: Daniyal is 24.


INCORRECT: Ameer is 27.


INCORRECT: Ghaus is 26.

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