Microwaves will soon be replaced by this technology

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Miele's RF cooking oven will consume less electricity. The company claims that it will be no match for 're-heating machine' microwave oven.

In recent years, we have seen Radio Frequency (RF) cooking technology in conceptual presentations, but now Miele has stood up to actually work on its fully designed version.

Dr. Klaus Werner revealed to Digital Trends in a recent Smart Kitchen Summit that these smart appliances based on RF technology will be soon out for the public. Klaus predicts that top of the line products will be available for sale within 2 to 3 years and will cost around $1,500.

Last year at IFA 2016, Midea unveiled portable, battery-operated version of the oven. But the system of RF is quite complex, it applies a different amount of heat on different objects placed in it.

Miele’s RF cooking oven will consume less electricity. The company claims that it will be no match for ‘re-heating machine’ microwave oven. It will be much easier for chefs to think about new cooking recipes with so many advanced features of these RF appliances.

RF cooking is quite different from the microwave that actually works, and quickly, too. In the next few years, it could make its way into your kitchen. The appliances use radio frequency technology to cook different type of materials using a different amount of heat (joules). The extensive amount of heat can even be used for frozen organs to be like boiling liquids.

The company claims that we are working on numerous other features of this device, soon be available for mainstream media.

Miele is a premium company which is working with Dialog to replace traditional microwave ovens to bring the new RF Energy Alliance.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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