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Ministry of Information Technology issues advisory for WhatsApp video calling scam

Written by Shaoor Munir ·  56 sec read >
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In light of ongoing scam concerning the new video calling feature in WhatsApp, Ministry of Information Technology has issued a Web Advisory to warn users against following the spam links.

WhatsApp released video calling feature for all users a few days ago. Although the feature is supposedly available for all users, it is taking some time to be available for all geographic locations and users with different devices. To exploit those users who are looking to try this feature at the earliest, a spam message with a link to a malicious website is circulating the platform. Many unaware users have become victim to this spam and are potentially at risk of exposing their personal info.Whatsapp-576x1024

Now ProPakistani reports that the Ministry of Information has also issued a Web Advisory to warn users against falling victim to this spam. A Ministry of IT&T said while speaking about this issue:

“Keeping in mind the popularity of WhatsApp with the messaging users, it is important that the Pakistani users are aware of this scam so that they can take immediate measures to limit exposure to its data protection consequences.”

Full extent of the vulnerabilities being exploited by this scam are still unknown. However, it is certain that users following this link are putting the safety and privacy of their personal data at risk. So if you come across any such link, please avoid following it to its source. WhatsApp video calling feature will soon be available for all users and is in no way dependent on signing up somewhere or installing any other application.

Written by Shaoor Munir
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