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WhatsApp video calling scam viral in Pakistan

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Just recently, WhatsApp, popular messaging application, launched video calling feature for users worldwide. But there is a catch here, the feature is only available for devices running Jelly Bean, iOS9 or the later version of these operating systems.

Internet scammers are using this limitation to their advantage and trying to fake an official message from WhatsApp by redirecting people to a seemingly official WhatsApp website in order to activate this feature to all devices. To all our readers, we would say: Do not open these links.WhatsApp Virus

WhatsApp has over 1 billion users and it is not a platform just used by techies, everyone and anyone can be on this platform. Recently Whatsapp has also introduced GIF feature. Many people have become a victim of video call trap and are opening these virus infected links. If you have a security application installed on your laptop and you directly open links mentioned in the above screenshot you will see a message of this sort.

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As you can see, this is just a trap and no device can activate video calling by going to these links but one thing you will get is for sure: numerous virus infected files.

It’s not the first time Whatsapp has faced such hoaxes. We are all well aware of the messages like “Send this to 5 people then your blue ticks will be activated” or that Whatsapp will start charging for its services from some date and also the free recharge thing.


So, sit tight. Whatsapp is gradually rolling out its video call feature and you’ll get it too sometime soon. Don’t open any links which may harm your sensitive information.

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