Mobile phone imports in Pakistan increase by 15% in FY 2017-18

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As the number of smartphones manufacturing brands is rising the country, so the imports of the mobile handsets produced by these companies are also surging in Pakistan. Mobile handsets imports in the country observed a remarkable growth of 14.94% in the current fiscal year from July to November in 2017-18. The imports rose by $303.238 million in the current fiscal year, as compared to $264.009 million during the same period in FY 2016-17 (July-November).

The imports data has been revealed by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), which is the stakeholder of analyzing and collecting statistical data relating to various sectors of the economy of the state. The data reveals that mobile imports in November 2017 decreased by 11.49 percent and reached only $58.246 million which is lower than last year’s same period of time i.e. $65.804 million.

Furthermore, an increase of 14.02 percent has been observed in overall imports of telecom during July to November in 2017, as compared to the same period of time of the last year.

During the recently passed quarter of 2017, the imports of the telecom reached $113.522 million and negative growth of 2.71 percent has been observed, as compared to last year’s $116.690 million during the same quarter.

The statistical data by PBS also indicates that total imports in the country have increased and have been recorded at $563.687 million which is slightly greater than last year’s $494.397 million in July-November 2016.

In addition, telecom equipment imports have also surged by 12.95% in July to November 2017. The telecom equipment imports have been recorded at $260.238 million.

Pakistan is open for business for many foreign companies, however, most of them avoid establishing their assembling plants in Pakistan, mainly due to a negative perception of Pakistan globally. Many Chinese smartphone brands and telecom companies are already working in Pakistan which has in return increased the imports of telecom gadgets in the country.

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