Mobile phones imports in Pakistan rise by 14% in FY 2017-18

Written by Basit Anwar ·  51 sec read >

Since the launch of 3G/4G services in Pakistan, the number of mobile phone manufacturers is rising, hence the mobile imports of these companies are also surging in the country. Mobile imports observed a remarkable growth of 14.38% in the first half of 2017-18 (July to December) with an increase of $376.498 million, as compared to $329.177 million in 2016-17 (July to December).

The imports data has been unveiled by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) which compiles and analyzes the statistical data relating various sectors of the country. The import of mobile phones in December 2017 stood at $73.047 million with an increase of 12.09% from the December 2016 i.e. $65.168 million imports.

Moreover, an increase of 12.06% has been observed during July-December 2017 as compared to the same period last year. The total imports recorded in 2017 (July-December) were $739.618 million slightly greater than 2016’s imports from July to December i.e. 659.991 million.

Telecom imports during December 2017 recorded a 57.97% growth as compared to November 2017.

The statistical data revealed by PBS also indicates that the other telecom apparatus imports witnessed the growth of over 9.77% growth in July-December 2017 and stood at $363.498 million as compared to same period of 2016 i.e. $330.814.

In addition, the other telecom apparatus imports registered in December 2017 were $106.240 million and when it’s compared to November 2017 i.e. $55.276 million, the imports registered shows over 92 percent growth in December 2017.

Pakistani mobile users are increasing and this creates the opportunity for many smartphone manufacturers to explore the potential of Pakistani Market.