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Mobile phones imports in Pakistan rise by 14% in FY 2017-18

Since the launch of 3G/4G services in Pakistan, the number of mobile phone manufacturers is rising, hence the mobile...

Jan 26 ·>

Lahore to become the first safe city in South Asia in 2018

The provincial capital and heart of Pakistan, Lahore will become the first safe city in South Asia in 2018....

Jan 26 ·>

Apple to bring iCloud messages back in iOS 11.3 beta 1

Apple has released first beta iOS 11.3 for the developers that include several new features for the iPhone users....

Jan 25 ·>

Space X’s Falcon Heavy finally fires up for the first time

Space X has recently fired up Falcon Heavy’s 27 main engines at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, the rocket that...

Jan 25 ·>

This Pakistani student has scored highest marks in Cambridge Mathematics exams

A Pakistani student has gained the world’s highest marks in the Cambridge Mathematics exams. Muhammad Haider Khan, a student...

Jan 24 ·>

Apple sold 29 million iPhone X units during the holiday quarter, report

The Cupertino based tech giant, Apple might discontinue its flagship model iPhone X after the arrival of its new...

Jan 24 ·>
iPhone X

The first 512GB microSD card is arriving next month

The UK-based company Integral Memory is going to set a new record in storage capacity of microSD cards. A...

Jan 23 ·>

Android 8.1 will now display Wi-Fi speeds before connecting

If you are hoping to save your time and boost the speed of your WiFi usage then switch to...

Jan 23 ·>

Apple could replace iPhone 6 Plus units with iPhone 6S Plus due to shortage of batteries

Apple might be replacing the damaged iPhone 6 Plus with an iPhone 6SPlus by the end of March 2018....

Jan 22 ·>

Tim Cook warns that social media is no good for kids

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned about the potential risks of the overuse of technology and the use of...

Jan 22 ·>

NASA tests nuclear reactor that could power Mars mission

Looks like NASA is expediting its Mars mission to move one step ahead of SpaceX. Space X is going...

Jan 19 ·>

Samsung patents a smartphone with embedded camera and fingerprint sensor

We are living in an era, where smartphone manufacturers are in the search for more advancement in technology, as...

Jan 19 ·>