Muggay, a mug-selling startup by two LUMS students, is making waves on Social Media

By Rehan Ahmed on
December 16, 2015
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The rise of entrepreneurship in the country has encouraged a new wave of young entrepreneurs and innovators to come forward, and experiment with their own ideas. Two such entrepreneur-minded individuals from LUMS established an online portal for selling uniquely-designed mugs, and within four months, it has become the largest online mug selling business in Pakistan.

Faran Tanvir and Zain Rehman, two LUMS graduates from the class of BSc (Honors) 2015, were quite interested in starting their own entrepreneurial venture and after a good lot of thinking, they decided to go with mugs. This led to Muggay, a Facebook page which is a full-fledged shopping portal for all kind of uniquely designed mugs. Four months later, now their page has 52,000 likes and a 4.7 out of 5 review rating from nearly 206 reviewers. That’s incredibly good for a startup this young, especially considering the fact that all it took was nil investment, a single laptop, one Facebook page and some unused printing equipment they had lying around. That was all they needed, along with a lot of hard work and dedication!

We contacted the two budding entrepreneurs to find out their side of the story and when asked why they turned to entrepreneurship, Zain replied that,

“A 9 to 5 corporate job was always out of question. Same is the case with Faran Tanveer, who is the co-founder of this venture. Maybe because both of us belong to business families, we always wanted to do something of our own. The very reason we got together for this project is because both of us share the same trait of being risk takers—what you call entrepreneurs or marketers in jargon!”

Now came the point where they had to decide which way to go.

“Mugs are something all of us use every day; something which is extremely popular in gifting, and yet there was no retail solution that was providing the range and variety we were foreseeing. said Zain. After much pondering and “after a gazillion product ideas”, as he puts it, they finally settled on mugs as their target product.


As trivial as their idea may seem, they have already managed to cause a stir on the social media and barely five months into the business, they have not only managed to sell loads of mugs to regular consumers, but have also received bulk orders and distribution offers from local companies and international firms respectively. Currently, have a whole host of different categories of mugs, including a Truck Art, Desi Swag collection, Movie Shovie, the Chibbay Mugs, Motivational Mugs and even a customized mugs option. Most of their success is down to their incredible customer service. Excited by the uniqueness of the mugs, the social media users in Pakistan have taken a liking to them but what’s really pleasing the customers is the incredible experience of shopping online with such ease.

According to Faran,

“So what’s the big deal about these mugs you might ask? From customer reviews, the answer seems to be variety and innovation. While one client remarks ‘I have not seen such a great variety of designs ever before,’ another says ‘I was tired of the old traditional cups. This is something new and unique!”

If you are interested in buying from Muggay, all you have to do is head over to their Facebook page, find the mug you want to buy, copy the code shown in the product description and fill this form. There are no delivery charges!

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