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Netflix Starts Charging $8 To Add Someone To Your Account

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing by charging $8 to share an account with someone 

The charge is applicable to someone living outside your household 

Subscribers can access their account while traveling 

Netflix is very quick in making decisions and implementing those decisions. Recently, Netflix decided to charge $8 if anyone shares an account with someone. The streaming service is notifying its viewers that they will need to pay $8 for viewers outside the household.

If you purchase a standard account, you can add one extra member and two with the premium tier. Moreover, you have the option to convert profiles into paying extra member accounts.

Currently, the account sharing is available in New Zealand, Portugal, Canada, and Spain.

As per Netflix, “it will limit viewership of its programming to people living in the same household. Those who subscribe to Netflix’s standard or premium accounts, which costs nearly $15.50 and $20 per month will be applicable to share their password with another person living outside their homes to use their passwords for an additional $8 per month. A $2 discount from the company’s standard stand-alone plan.


Netflix subscribers can continue to access the service while on the road. Seventy million Americans have accounts with the Los Gatos, California-based business.
Moreover, the eagerly awaited action, which Netflix hinted at almost a year ago, aims to put an end to a practice that the business allowed to continue for years while its streaming service was luring subscribers in droves.

Management had little incentive at the time to risk upsetting customers by limiting password sharing.
While Netflix was ignoring the problem, an estimated 100 million people around the world were obtaining passwords from friends and family to watch free Netflix TV shows like “The Crown” and movies like “All Quite On The Western Front”.

The majority of Netflix’s $32 billion revenue last year came from its 232.5 million paying subscribers worldwide. Who also served as a conduit for those passwords.
After so many trials and months of testing-out passed sharing of crackdowns in other regions. Noe Netflix is starting its new policy in the US. The following email was sent by Netflix to users who it believed were sharing their accounts with people outside of their homes.

Not all Netflix subscribers have gotten emails yet, even though they started being distributed today.
People who currently share their accounts with individuals outside of their household can transfer an existing profile to a new account or add a new member, at least if they have the right plan.

People who subscribe to Netflix’s basic or standard Ads plans don’t have another option to add another member for the $8 fee.
If you are willing to keep using Netflix, people outside the main household will subscribe to their own Basic or Standard with Ads plan at the complete monthly rates.

According to Netflix, “your household is set based on where you watch the service on a TV connected to your home internet. Any device that is connected to the same WiFi networks as that TV can be set in the Netflix app. If one is not set manually, Netflix will select a device automatically”.

Alas, it is not transparent how long Netflix subscribers will get their accounts in compliance with this new policy. Nearly, devices will start getting booted about a month from now, keeping the 31-day authorization rule in consideration

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