Netflix Ends Password Sharing in India, Will Pakistan be Next?

Apart from ending password sharing in India, Netflix has imposed similar bans in major markets including the US, the...

Jul 20 · >

PEMRA To Start Crackdown On Netflix And Other OTT Platforms

On Wednesday, Cable Operators Association of Pakistan chairman Khalid Arain announced that the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA)...

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Jun 23 · >

PEMRA to Crackdown on Netflix and Other OTT Platforms After Eid

“Our hands are tied and we have restrictions in broadcasting several channels. But on the other hand, OTTs have...

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Jun 22 · >

The 10 Most-Watched Netflix Movies Of All Time

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming entertainment channels. It has made its name for the original content it...

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Jun 5 · >

Netflix Tightens Restrictions On Sharing Passwords:Driving Away Customers

The biggest video streaming channel, Netflix, tightens the noose around password sharing. Netflix has become strict and widened its...

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May 30 · >

Netflix Starts Charging $8 To Add Someone To Your Account

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing by charging $8 to share an account with someone  The charge is...

May 24 · >

Top 5 VPNs For Internet Privacy And Security:2023

Internet privacy and security is very essential to monitor whether we talk about offices, homes, or any educational institute....

May 3 · >

Netflix Loses Millions Of Subscribers After Password Sharing Crackdown

Netflix, the biggest entertainment channel, has lost millions of subscribers as it ends account sharing. According to the news,...

Apr 28 · >

Netflix Will No Longer Allow Sharing Passwords On Netflix

Netflix, the biggest entertainment platform, is changing its policy of password sharing. The platform has decided to charge people...

Apr 25 · >

Netflix is Finally Ending it’s DVD by Mail Business

Started around 25 years ago, DVD rental was once a major income source for Netflix, which now owns a...

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Apr 19 · >

Netflix May Soon Let You Play TV Games While Using Your Phone as a Controller

Allowing users to use their phone as controllers, Netflix will finally be able to make its games playable on...

Apr 1 · >

Japanese AI Manga: A Creativity Booster Or Threats To Job?

In Japan, sci-fi manga has become popular and admits “absolutely zero” drawing talent, so it turned to artificial intelligence...

Mar 7 · >