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New VR glasses for cows will increase milk production

Written by AbuBakar ·  1 min read >

You must have seen people using different devices but these new VR glasses are for cows to reduce anxiety and increase milk production. A farm in Moscow is using these VR headsets on their cows and they have seen a great change in the mood of their cows.

A YouTuber from Russia posted a tweet about this, he said “A Moscow farm has decided to equip its cows with VR glasses in order to relax and feel happier. A calm environment leads to an increase in milk yield, so the cows are given a VR headset displaying summer fields.” At the end of his tweet, he left a question for Tesla CEO, Elon Musk “What do you think about this, Elon Musk?”

The technology was developed on the basis of the study by Wageningen University and Research in Netherlands. The study revealed that the environment matters on the mood of the cow, which affects the production of Milk. A good environment makes the cow happy and then the cow produces more and good quality milk.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food told the media about the ongoing testing of VR headsets on the cows of a farm in Moscow. Press Release reads “The developers intend to scale the project and modernize the domestic sphere of dairy production.”

The design of the VR Glasses for cows is similar to the human version of VR Goggles but they are large in size. VR glasses designers have come with a “unique summer field simulation program” for the animals to enjoy.