Now you can order international products to your home directly from Daraz

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Daraz sources more than  2 million products from international vendors allowing local buyers to have any product from their wish-list delivered directly to their doorstep. 

Daraz has a huge catalogue of local retailers with more than 5 million products till date and with the addition of international vendors, the platform is now the all-in-one portal for all your needs. These products will be a part of Daraz Global Collections whose salient features are shared below: 

1. Buy Products at significantly lower prices 

Shopping from Global Collections is the best way to get good quality products from abroad at a low cost as amazing discounts are offered on all available categories. These international products are either not available in the market or are retailing at significantly higher prices. Daraz is looking to ease the process of importing international products. Users will just have to order the product from the Daraz website or app and they will handle the rest of the formalities. The assortment of products available on Daraz has grown exponentially over the last few months, with the eCommerce platform boasting a catalogue of over 5 million products today and successful Mobile Week comprising of numerous discounts on renowned phones. Whether you’re looking to buy a phone, a treadmill, clothes or home appliances, Daraz has become a one-stop shopping destination. 

2. Cash on Delivery option is available

Many of us don’t have credit cards so we are not able to order items online. From instant cameras and gaming consoles to 3D glasses and smartwatches, Global Collections has something for everyone and you can get them without a credit card! Daraz offers customers the option of paying cash upon delivery when they order from Global Collections.

3. Make the right choice through Image Reviews 

The main reason why people shy away from buying international products is that they are not sure about the quality and reliability of the product. Through Image Reviews – a recently-launched feature on the Daraz app – customers can see how the product looks in real-life and through the views of other customers, they can make smarter purchasing decisions. Customers are encouraged to share photos that focus on product features and explain in detail how they feel about the products.

The story has been produced in collaboration with Daraz.

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