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NSPIRE Incubator launches with more details of program

Written by Fatima Rizwan ·  59 sec read >

We have kept you updated about NetSol’s incubator NSPIRE in the past few months. Now new details have surfaced regarding the program. The incubation program will span a period of 5 months and it will begin by hosting only 5 startups at NetSol’s own purpose-built facility.

With the launch of website and program details, NSPIRE team has started searching for talented aspiring entrepreneurs all over the country. For this purpose, the team will hold introductory sessions in different universities starting from Lahore.

NSPIRE is currently taking a flat 7.5% equity and in return will offer an office space, legal advice, access to NetSol’s network and venture capitalists in Pakistan and abroad. In addition to that, the startup founders will learn from the experts and will also get a chance to struck deals with the NetSol itself as well.

Speaking on the launch of NSPIRE, Mr. Salim Ghauri; CEO & Co-Fouder of NetSol said:

“There is so much talent in Pakistan, it just needs to be given an opportunity. A place where young people can convert their dreams in to reality. NSPIRE is NetSol’s initiative to build Pakistan’s first company based incubator in Pakistan.”

That is the exact ideology behind NSPIRE. A place where the youth of Pakistan can bring their ideas and get a chance to shine.

There are a handful of options in Lahore if you are planning to get help and incubation, here is a quick head to head comparison between Government’s Plan9 Incubator, LUMS powered Center for Entrepreneurship and NSPIRE powered by Pakistan’s premier software house.

Head to Head Comparison

*Plan9 has arranged Demo Day for every cycle where as LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship has held the Investor Summit only once.

Written by Fatima Rizwan
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