This could be the OnePlus 5T you are looking for

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  1 min read >
OnePlus 5

Now all eyes are on OnePlus that when the Chinese manufacturer and renowned flagship killer will release its most anticipated flagship smartphone OnePlus 5T. Many leaks and renders have claimed to be proving the design and specifications of the device, but we are not certain for most of them. Recently, a new Render has been uploaded by a user on Weibo which seems to be much closer to the design of the device.

A couple of weeks ago a render came out to be the expected OnePlus 5T. According to the older render, the device would have 6-inch display and 18:9 screen to body ratio and minimal bezels. It almost looked like a device of Oppo. If we review the design provided in new render some things could be easily believed while some maybe not. “Never Settle” wallpaper that is displayed on the screen appears to be a solid proof. Lock Screen on the other render was also a loophole as Oxygen OS does not support it.

Furthermore, the new render shows the alert slider which affirms the authenticity of presented model. The corners of the display are not fully rounded. The top and bottom bezels have not much changed, with the ones on the sides being slightly thicker. This render doesn’t present curved edges like what we previously saw on older render.

We can the also observe back of the 5T, revealing the brand new place of the fingerprint scanner. It appears to be precisely identical with the current OnePlus 5, however, that is exactly what we can compare between the design of OnePlus 3 and 3T.

We can’t be sure that this model of OnePlus 5T could be exactly the same what we expect from OnePlus after its unveiling, but the design has assured us that the phone will be much similar to this proposed design.

A week ago a fake invitation to OnePlus 5T launch event circulated in media which claimed that the device will be unveiled on November 5 but later on that fake news was dismissed by the officials of OnePlus.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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