Online website makes millions by reselling PSL tickets for 5 times

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As PSL brings cricket home, the first semi-final match is being held today and the second semi-final match is set to be held on 21st March tomorrow in Lahore, the tickets of PSL matches are being re-sold illegally online in black, as reported by Geo News.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had made a deal with TCS a private courier company for the initial sale of the tickets in Pakistan. TCS officials have reported the matter to PCB regarding the illegal resale of the tickets online. According to TCS the Rs. 1,000 ticket of the general enclosure is on sale on a website for Rs 4,900. While the tickets of Hanif Muhammad and Shoaib Muhammad enclosure are on sale for Rs. 6,050 and Majid Khan enclosure for Rs 10,000.

The payment method is through credit card and TCS officials said all these tickets are being re-sold, none of them were bought through official channels. The contact number given on the website was a UK number and upon calling the number they discovered it was switched off.

Courtesy of Geo

The online tickets of PSL were available on many official channels including TCS and The tickets were sold were within 15 hours of going on sale through these channels. TCS had 32 designated TCS Express Centers across Karachi and Lahore.

Cricket is the most loved sports in Pakistan. PSL has brought home cricket and made the cricket fanatics quite happy. But sadly, this has also made it easy for bookies and the match fixers of the black market to do their business illegally through online websites such as this website which was re-selling the tickets.

Though technology has made our lives easier, and it surely has its perks, as you get online tickets at the ease of sitting at your home. But this has also made new ways to illegally to fool users.

Keeping the negative side of PSL aside, the tournament final will be played at Karachi’s National Stadium on March 25. We want our readers to make sure they have brought it through the official channels only. We have attached a picture of a ticket so that our readers would know about the official ticket.

Are you going to watch it Live in the Stadium? Do let us know in the comments below.

Written by Mohammad Jamal
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