Overtake, a racing game from Pakistani developers

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Overtake is the first racing title from VirtualSoftLab, a relatively new gaming studio based in Karachi, Pakistan. In this feature, we take a look at how well they fare in their first attempt at developing a full-fledged mobile game.

What is VirtualSoftLab?

Before talking about the product, let’s first take a moment to know more about its maker. VirtualSoftLab was founded in August 2015 in Karachi, Pakistan by its current CEO, Ahsan Khan. Ahsan has a CS degree from the University of Karachi. He has multiple certifications from companies like Microsoft, SAP, Al-Faisliah Group (KSA) and KalSoft (Khi). Ahsan has over 10 years of experience working as a programmer, system integration¬†and SAP consultant. He quit his job last year to work full time on Overtake. In addition to Ahsan, following people are driving VirtualSoftLab forward:

  • Jiri Wolf – 3D Artist
  • Aron Gerencser – PR & Marketing
  • Mariam Ahmed Malik – PR & Marketing

A closer look at the game

Overtake is the result of a whole year’s effort by the team at VirtualSoftLab. The game checks off nearly all the boxes when it comes to conventional racing game genre. It offers a blend of interesting gameplay and good graphics to keep the player entertained during brief periods of boredom. Following is a little introduction of different features the game offers to users:

Different game modes

Overtake offers 3 different game modes. All of the three game modes are concerned with the direction of the traffic.

  • One Way (traffic will move in the same direction as you)
  • Two Way (traffic can take any direction)
  • Wrong way (traffic will move in the direction opposite to you)


Vehicle and map options

The game offers a total of 8 cars and 5 maps to choose from. The developer aims to add more tracks and vehicles with future updates. The maps are beautifully drawn and look great most of the time. There are a few glitches here and there, but it’s nothing which cannot be fixed by a nice update by the developer.


Overtake follows the classic never-ending format and features the traffic as the biggest antagonist in the game. Players can use the accelerometer of the device to control the direction of the car. There is also a brake to slow down the car or reverse it in times of need. Overtake also includes the nitrous boost function too which helps the car get better speed for a short burst of time.
Image Players have to navigate through twists and turns and traffic to keep moving forward without damaging their car too much. Players also have the option to switch between two different camera modes. The gameplay is easy to understand and fun to master. A demo of the app is shown in the video below:

Achievements and in-app credit

A game is nothing without something to strive towards, right? The game includes 15 achievements right now, which offer varying amount of experience points. To help players accelerate towards those experience points, the game offers in-app credits which can be used to upgrade cars or buy new ones. Players can earn these credits by watching video ads, in-app purchase, and multiple methods like liking their Facebook page, subscribing on YouTube etc.

Final words

Pakistan is in the top ten countries with most Freelancers. While this is good for the local tech industry, there is also need for studios like VirtualSoftLab who make use of the indigenous talent and turn it into excellent products like Overtake. These products are a hallmark of the industry and help motivate other developers in Pakistan to work on products with similar scope.

If you would like to support the developers behind Overtake, go download the game from the Play store. VirtualSoftLab is also currently working on iOS and Windows Mobile versions of the game which should be out pretty soon.

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