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Pakistan Aimed To Gain Numerous Benefits From Japan’s Expertise In Technology

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In recent news, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Shibli Faraz, highlighted the concept of how Japan’s expertise in science and technology will enable Pakistan to accelerate itself in STEM fields. Furthermore, the minister mentioned how Japan was a pioneer contributor towards the recent advancements in the technology domain.

Moreover, the minister mentioned to the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Kuninori Matasada, that Japan’s expertise would allow Pakistan to increase its exports of engineering goods. Furthermore, the minister further explained how Pakistan has good ties with Japan through the desire in excelling in STEM overall as technology and science will become the backbone of the country in the upcoming years.

The importance of technology is said to further have a tremendous impact on the country’s agriculture system where Japan’s human resource development would prove instrumental.

In conclusion, Japan was glad to support Pakistan in order to diversify the relationship in various STEM fields. This would be done through increasing scholarships in Japan for Pakistani students which would allow Japan to search for talent within the Pakistani youth.

Written by Usman Aslam
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