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Pakistan aviation upgrades its Radar Tech as a part of their Air Navigation Plan 2025

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  50 sec read >

Pakistan Aviation Authority is planning to install a modern radar system known as Mode S. This new system will raise the number of flights because airspace routes will be doubled in the days to come. The executive committee of the Civil Aviation Authority put forward an Air Navigation plan 2025 that includes all the necessary measurements needed for taking aviation a step further.

The Aviation revenue will hike up from 25 to 30 percent with the increment in the airspace route from 7 to 14 sectors once the plan is implemented. As per the CAA once the system is installed the numbers of flights coming from countries like Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Canada, etc to Pakistan. will also increase.


The latest system “Mode S” is known as the Second Surveillance Radar Process which will enhance the functioning of control towers and enable them to observe selective interrogation of the planes. In the initial stage, 2 Mode S systems are installed at Islamabad airport while 4 are installed at the airport of Karachi.

According to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Civil Aviation Authority plays a major role in Pakistan’s tourism. The authority offered 3200 job opportunities in the current year. The positions had contributed to reducing the rate of unemployment.

New runways are also being generated by the authority at all the major and minor airports in the country. Another milestone that has been covered by CAA is the construction of a new airport in Gawadar.