Pakistani Auto Repair Startup OkayKer Raises $0.7 Million in Seed Funding

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Based out of Karachi, Pakistan, OkayKer is an end to end platform that connects car owners to maintenance workshops, even giving them estimates on their total repair cost

OkayKer, an auto repair startup based out of Karachi, Pakistan, has raised a total of $700,000 in its seed funding round. Revealing news about its seed funding, the startup said that it would use this money in order to expand its operations in Pakistan, going on to create the first automotive emergency service in the country.

According to OkayKer, the $700,000 seed funding came from both institutional investors, as well as angel investors from both outside and inside Pakistan.

“We are thrilled to announce that Okayker has successfully raised USD 700,000 in a recent funding round from multiple institutional investors including Orbit Startups, Cur8 Capital, FRIM Ventures and Sabr Capital,” said team OkayKer in a recent Facebook post.

“Not only this but multiple local and international angel investors have also believed in our mission and have shown unwavering support as well,” they added.

Founded in 2021 by Nashit Iqbal, Hasnain Akber, Asjad Amin and Anusha Shahid, OkayKer has fixed over 10,000 vehicles, while also resolving another 25,000 autocare issues through different partner workshops and retailers.

All three of the company’s founders come from a startup centric background with experience of working under major startups including Careem, Daraz and FindMyAdventure, under their belt.

OkayKer Seed Funding Announcement

The company has a goal of revolutionizing the auto care industry through the introduction of a seamless digital platform that allows customers to book trusted and affordable vehicle services, completely finishing off the need to rely on traditional auto care.

OkayKer doesn’t just intend to help customers, instead the startup also wants to bring business to workshop owners who lack the ability to attract business out of the digital world.

“These businesses and service providers cater to 150 million vehicle owners, who have to spend an average of 40 hours annually to find mechanics, electricians and spare parts for their vehicles and have to trust the workshops to repair and maintain their vehicles,” said OkayKer in its statement.

Now planning to upscale, OkayKer will go on to help thousands of local workshop owners while also helping vehicle owners find reliable and trusted car care near them.

Apart from offering a platform that connects vehicle owners with workshops, OkayKer is also partnering up with lubricant brands, recently signing an MOU with Mobil, helping both the company and customers counter fake copies prevalent in the markets.


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