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Apple is Finally Removing ‘Ducking Hell’ From its Autocorrect

Stopping users from using one of the most common swear word, the ‘ducking hell’ auto correct has left many...

Jun 7 · >

Reddit is Laying Off About 5% of Its Total Workforce

According to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, the company would not only lay off over 90 employees, but will also...

Jun 7 · >

Reddit Communities to go ‘Dark’ in Protest Against Changes

Beginning from June 12, the reddit ‘going dark’ protest has started in response to the API pricing increase that...

Jun 6 · >

Microsoft Fined $20 Million For Child Privacy Violations

The $20 million fine comes after the company was found illegally collecting data for children’s opening up Xbox accounts American...

Jun 6 · >

Huawei to Launch a ChatGPT Rival Named ‘Pangu’

A ChatGPT Rival, ‘Pangu Chat’ is based on Huawei’s very own large-scale learning model that reportedly comes with a...

Jun 6 · >

Twitter’s Head of Safety and Trust Resigns From the Company

Head of safety and trust, Ella Irwin resigns from Twitter at a time where the platform is struggling to...

Jun 2 · >

Pakistani Auto Repair Startup OkayKer Raises $0.7 Million in Seed Funding

Based out of Karachi, Pakistan, OkayKer is an end to end platform that connects car owners to maintenance workshops,...

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Jun 2 · >

TikToker Gets Arrested For Filming Inside a Police Station

Taken to the Shah Faisal police station over missing vehicle documents, TikToker Raees Jaffar got into more trouble after...

Jun 2 · >

The World is Acknowledging IT Skills of Pakistani Youth: IT Minister

“The world is now openly acknowledging the IT skills of Pakistani youth,” said IT Minister Syed Amin-ul-Haque, while speaking...

Jun 1 · >

Windows Will Soon Allow You to Force Quit Apps Without Using Task Manager

According to details revealed by Microsoft at the Build developers conference, the ‘force quit’ option will be placed on...

Jun 1 · >

South Korean Agencies Are Using AI to Weigh North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

Not revealing the software used to calculate Kim Jong Un’s weight, South Korean authorities say it is estimated to...

Jun 1 · >

HP is Working on Full AI PC’s That Will Work For You

Speaking in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, HP CEO Enrique Lores revealed that the company is actively working...

May 31 · >