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Pakistani Inventors gear up for the second “Drone for Good” competition!

Written by Arslan Ali ·  1 min read >

Believe it or not, that whizzing sound does make you all goose bumpy and excited.

Just 6 months ago I was surfing through the channels on my television, when one image made me stop. That was BBC click program and it was doing a special segment on drones. Within that segment, they showcased a competition held in UAE, called “Drones for good”. Well, that caught my attention. I have to make a confession here; since in Pakistan, the word “drone” carries too many contexts, and we are already frenzy about technology and gadgets, so I really expected to see some Pakistani faces among those inventors, but that was not the case in real. We will get back to this later.

Drone for Good

We all know that drones are fascinating invention and since they have gotten to an acceptable size and price, people around the world are going all excited owing to their non-conventional, out of the box and innovative use.

At first because of some terminating thoughts in our minds, the humans of this earth firmly carry the belief that machines will one day take over the world and we all will be nothing but an extinct race. Well, I should admit that this could happen (ha ha) but, let us enjoy what machines has to deliver today.

Drone for Good

39 semifinalists presented their drones under 3 categories, but what stole the attention of the crowd and made in the news that day was something called “Gimball”. It is a “collision-proof search-and-rescue drone that is designed to maneuver safely in complex and dangerous environments.”

Gimball is invented by Patrick Thevoz and team called “Flayability”. Originated from Switzerland, their drone proved to be the game changer of the entire competition.

Drone for Good

Team Flayability won a prize of USD 1 million that day.

Coming back to my confession about not seeing any Pakistanis that day, well, let me enlighten you all, that this isn’t over yet!

The next drone for good completion is already scheduled to happen in 2016 and the applications for the inventions have already been in acceptance by the organizing committee. The deadline for the submission is in November 2015. So why not this time we see some cool Pakistani inventors making the vibes over in UAE?

Source The National UAE and Drone for Good