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Pakistani Startup Called ‘DevNation’ Receives Funding From Angel Investors

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In recent news, a Pakistani startup called ‘DevNation’ which aims to train future software engineers at zero upfront cost receives investment on the higher end of a five-figure raise. The angel round for the respective funding was closed by CrossFund including some prominent investors from the startup ecosystem such as Benjamin C., Davide Calì, Jeffrey C., Katherine Lui, Javier Sabas, Marcos Parada, Corrado Licata, Giuseppe Tomasello, Sherif Nessim, and Hassan Mughis.

DevNation, a company started by three entrepreneurs based in the US and UAE with years of technical experience, is looking to disrupt the education ecosystem by providing students hands-on training in software engineering while prepping these students for their respective careers in a few months time based on an ISA model.

According to Raheel Ahmad, one of the co-founders of DevNation:
“DevNation is on the mission to harness the technical talent of Pakistan and make Pakistan the software engineering powerhouse in the region. Our work doesn’t stop here. We then want to also place our talented engineers in top startups across South East Asia, Middle East, and the US. Enabling a more global environment for our developers.”

In a nutshell, DevNation is looking to skill up prominent students of Pakistan to further enable them to compete in the already competitive market of engineers globally rather to just get a mediocre job. The company further states that their programs will feature key training sessions from companies such as the likes of Google, Facebook, etc.

Upon hearing about the successful investment, Raheel mentioned the following:
“Over the next few months, we will be investing heavily in building our community of expert creators and learners – leading the way to democratize high-quality tech education for all Pakistanis. We are upskilling Pakistanis with web development and data science skills.

The program is for people looking to shift to a new and more lucrative career in tech. For really motivated candidates, DevNation gives the option of paying-after-landing-a-job. For ambitious and motivated university students, DevNation is also offering scholarships.

Students get a chance to learn the most in-demand skills, learn from top instructors, build real-world projects and get mentorship from industry experts – with full support for landing a job!”

All in all, DevNation is ready to create a paradigm shift in the e-learning ecosystem as the startup aims to connect Pakistani students with experts from Silicon Valley in order to further accelerate their software engineering careers.

Written by Usman Aslam
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